Our Story

Citadin (adj.): Chic and modern city-dweller; Characteristic of someone who lives in the city or lives a city life; 

Citadin Shoes is a family-owned business, led by a modern mother of four with great taste who doesn't think that quality should necessarily be expensive. The concept is to offer high-quality handmade shoes at a great price.


How we do it

Our shoes are of the highest quality — assembled on the same factories as some highly-priced fancy shoes you see in boutiques. Yet, we sell our shoes for much less. How do we do it?

We cut out the middlemen. By designing our own shoes and shipping them directly to you, you don't have to pay for the fancy logo high-fashion brands charge you and we avoid retailers that increase the price of shoes without adding any real value to it. Our shoes were initially offered exclusively through our website and shipped conveniently to the Modern Citadin Man. We now have a beautiful shop in the centre of Lisbon where we would love to welcome you.

We have also partnered with international courier services to make sure you only pay for those nice shoes you're wearing around and not for the shipping package they arrive on.



Made in Portugal

Our shoes are carefully handcrafted in the North of Portugal, bringing you our long standing tradition of superior quality in the shoe industry. All the shoe components go through a very thorough process to make sure your feet have a long-lasting new best friend.

Given all the craftsmanship involved, each shoe is unique and may vary slightly from the same shoe your friend just bought. All shoes are carefully inspected before packaging and shipping. This is the ultimate touch that gives the Citadin personality to your feet.


The Citadin Shoe Makers,

Handmade in Portugal